About the Author


That’s me!

Hello everyone!

My name is Miriam and I’m studying modern japanese studies at the Heinrich-Heine University in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Usually when I mention my subject for the first time, these are the reactions I receive: “whhhyyyy????”, “What do you want to do with that in real life?”, “Isn’t it really difficult to learn japanese?” or “AWESOME, eating sushi and watching anime everyday. Would love to do that as well…” and so on.

I guess these are pretty normal questions, considering that you don’t know too much about the topic and I totally prefer these questions in stead of  “Aha. Oh the weather is so nice today… bla bla bla [Change to random other topic]”.

For those of you, who would really like to hear the answers…. Well, no… we don’t eat sushi and watch anime (japanese animation movies) everyday.  Yes, it can be quite difficult to understand the fine differences in some expressions and to memorize all of these signs seems somethimes impossible. To the question, what I am planning to do with that studies… yet, I am not sure, but I will find something for sure!

And last but not least “Why?”…

If I’d ask my classmates, they get more or less the same questions, but everyone has a slightly different anwer to that.

In my case… I finally found this awesome something, that lets me talk passionately, that encourages me to go for new challenges and that makes me laugh in surprise again and again. In sum I love it! It added the dash of spice to my life, that I was secretly looking for. And learning about japanese culture, about the language, the history, the people, the food and so much more, is an amazing journey, which has just begun. So this is why I would like to share my experiences with you!